Roid rage melee at Australian restaurant

"There is very little difference between wild primates in the jungle and the average domesticated primate in a large city. We are literally living on the Planet of the Apes. Once you realize that, there's no point in being angry about it anymore. We're in a zoo, and the biggest, ugliest, meanest baboons are always picked to lead the herd. If you look at the news and think that the incredible stupidities and brutalities you hear have been done by human beings (who are rational beings according to Aristotle) you can only despair or take to heroin, I guess. But if you realize these things are being done by primates — by apes dressed up in funny costumes, like chimps who drive motorcycles in circuses — then it all makes sense, and it's quite astounding that the apes can handle the machinery and walk upright and so on." – Robert Anton Wilson, interviewed in Notes from the Pop Underground