Anti-NSA messages projected on US embassy in Berlin

Oliver Bienkowski, a guerrilla "light-graffiti" artist, splashed a projection of a caricature of Barack Obama's face on the side of the US embassy in Berlin, along with the phrase, "NSA IN DA HOUSE."

It's the second time Bienkowski has lit up the embassy — last year, he projected "United Stasi of America" on its side. Local police shut down the projector, which was housed in a cargo van, after a few minutes.

This gimmick of projecting protest messages on high-security public buildings is the McGuffin of my novel Pirate Cinema, and it's one that I'm very fond of.

It's also a great denial of Dash's law — sometimes projectors do work.

German artist protests NSA with 'light graffiti' on US Embassy in Berlin [Dante D'Orazio/The Verge]

(via Bruce Sterling)