UOregon police kept a "Eat a Bowl of Dicks List" for their enemies

The list included a lot of humorous entries ("Adobe Acrobat"), but also allegedly included the names of university staffers.

The list came to light thanks to a lawsuit from former campus cop; he demanded that the list be turned over through the discovery process and the resulting legal shenanigans were predictably shenaniganny, including UO Police Chief Carolyn McDermed lying about what the list was called, an accusation that the list had been tampered with before it was turned over, and the same police chief complaining that the press didn't get her side of the story, after telling the press that she wouldn't comment on it because she doesn't talk about pending litigation.

Cop's Wrong Firing Lawsuit Leads To Public Release Of Vulgarly-Titled 'Enemies' List [Tim Cushing/Techdirt]