Henry Kuttner: long-lost works of a Lovecraft acolyte

Kuttner met his wife, the writer CL Moore, through a mutual correspondence with HP Lovecraft; when he died, she became his literary executor, then married a non-writer who ordered her to stop writing, and insisted that she suppress future publication of Kuttner's work — but now you can get 14 of his books as ebooks.

Both Kuttner and Moore were brilliant writers. Ray Bradbury called Kuttner "a pomegranate writer: popping with seeds-full of ideas" and Matheson dedicated "I Am Legend" to him. It's amazing to finally have Kuttner's work back in circulation — if it wasn't for Moore's controlling jerk of a husband they'd both likely be still widely read today.

Diversion has released 14 of Kuttner's titles as ebooks, and they're offering The Best of Henry Kuttner , a collection of short stories, for $0.99 to Boing Boing readers!

"The Best of Henry Kuttner" by Henry Kuttner on Ganxy

Henry Kuttner Ebooks