Support the Extra Life Gaming Marathon and raise money for children's hospitals


My friend Marcus Shaftel is gearing up to play 24 hours of video games. Every year he joins the Extra Life Gaming Marathon and raises much needed funds for children's hospitals. Marcus and the Master Chief are my two favorite video game heroes.

You can sponsor Marcus, if you like.

Dear friends of mine were matched for adoption with a special girl. Half a
world away, baby Maddi had been born with physical defect that her birth
parents could not handle. A very special orphanage had been raising her
since infancy. Her outlook was bleak. There were no plans to correct her

My friends made plans and my wife volunteered to fly with Maddi's To-Be Mom
to China. Big things in our little Austin area were spooling up. Maddi's
Mom and Nora would have to be medical caregivers to Maddi as soon as they
gained custody. Serious, complicated medical caregiving. Maddi's Mom
looked for help and she found Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, ready and

The Extra Life Gaming Marathon, each year,
brings an always larger community of gaming geeks like me, together with
wonderful, kind people like you. We work together to raise and donate
funds to Children's Hospitals around our country.

Nurses at Dell Children's Hospital trained my wife and Maddi's Mom and sent
them off with armfuls of supplies, instructions and number to call for more
help. They did this all FOR FREE. They will do this for anyone making a
difference in a child's life, FOR FREE.

*They can do this because of us.*

Join me this year for Extra Life 2014. On October 24th, my
team TH3 M0TL3Y CR3W, will assemble at my company, Ringtail Design's, HQ to
cast spells, throw batarangs, level up pulse weapons AND help more kids –
just like Maddi – in the central Texas area.

Visit my page
and help us with your donation.

100% of your contribution goes to Dell Children's. No overheads, no pass
throughs. *All your support becomes change in kids lives.*