/ Boing Boing / 4 am Fri, Oct 17 2014
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  • LISTEN: Travel gadgets for your next trip

    LISTEN: Travel gadgets for your next trip

    This week, Xeni, Mark and Jason talk TSA-friendly backpacks, aromatherapy to help you sleep, and two travel must-haves for your phablet and vehicle batteries.

    In this episode, Mark, Xeni and Jason share their favorite travel accessories for your phone, vehicle batteries and laptop. Plus, Xeni recommends an aromatherapy gadget to make your home life more relaxing.

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    Mark's pick:

    41V3kBjrgOLKenu Airframe + Car Mount for Phablets ($30)

    I have been using a suction-cup phone mount in my car for years. Too big to travel with and it falls off. This one is small and hasn’t yet met a vent it won’t attach to.



    Jason's pick:

    51+ZkbwibzLXtreme Charge Battery Charger ($77) 

    This battery charger has saved me and my money countless times. It helps keep new batteries working longer and has brought some older ones back to life.



    Xeni's picks:

    41p5O2DnKzL._SY355_ZAQ Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser  ($40)

    It’s like a little mood lamp that emits nice smells. Aromatherapy to brighten your mood while you work, or help remind your brain to calm down when it’s time to sleep. Auto shut-off, goes 3-4 hours. Mildly humidifying, too. Buy your own oils for it. Quiet.



    71NT4y+GEwL._SL1500_Brenthaven MetroLite BP XF X-Ray Friendly Laptop/Tablet/Ultrabook Backpack ($91) 

    I have been searching for a good, ergonomic backpack for ultra-light travel. I think I’ve found it. Lots of compartments, and butterflies open for security screening. My back feels great after a long day of travel, even with it totally full.





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