31 communities vow to create local gigabit broadband

Across the US, 31 communities have joined forces to make the dream of fast, affordable, and reliable gigabit-speed broadband a local reality. The Next Century Cities program, launched this week, hopes to defeat the forces holding broadband back. The 31 inaugural signatories are:


• Ammon, ID
• Auburn, IN
• Austin, TX
• Boston, MA
• Centennial, CO
• Champaign, IL
• Chattanooga, TN
• Clarksville, TN
• Jackson, TN
• Kansas City, KS
• Kansas City, MO
• Lafayette, LA
• Leverett, MA
• Louisville, KY
• Montrose, CO
• Morristown, TN
• Mount Vernon, WA
• Palo Alto, CA
• Ponca City, OK
• Portland, OR
• Raleigh, NC
• Rockport, ME
• San Antonio, TX
• Sandy, OR
• Santa Cruz County, CA
• Santa Monica, CA
• South Portland, ME
• Urbana, IL
• Westminster, MD
• Wilson, NC
• Winthrop, MN

Each community faces unique challenges, but they plan to collaborate on finding the best path that's tailored to their needs. Below is a video of yesterday's Santa Monica launch.