Multi-torrent search engine resurrects dead links with Google cache

The original Filesoup torrent-site was nuked from orbit by the entertainment industry, but the domain has been resurrected and provides a single interface to query The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Extratorrent and

More than that, the new Filesoup also proxies all major torrent sites, squeezing them through national blocking firewalls, like the one in the UK. Even more: when it finds a search-result that has been removed because of a DMCA takedown, it automatically digs out the original link from Google's cache and restores it.

"Let's say receives a [DMCA] notice and deletes the content. We are not simply proxying but also caching the site. This means we can provide the page content even if has deleted the URL due to a DMCA complaint," FileSoup informs TorrentFreak.

So in theory (and given time to cache – the site is still getting off the ground), FileSoup should be able to provide access to content previously taken down from other sites it proxies. To see whether it's anywhere near to that goal, we conducted a search for one of the most talked-about franchises of the year – Expendables.

Torrent Site Uses Google To Resurrect Taken Down Content [Andy/Torrentfreak]