YouTube may offer an ad-free subscription service for online video

Asa Mathat, Re/code

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Photo: Asa Mathat, Re/code

At Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference today, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said YouTube is in the early stages of exploring new subscription services.

No specifics, but the Google executive suggested that one option could be an ad-free service. Snip:

As Wojcicki said earlier in the interview, Google attracts more than a billion visitors per month, and an increasing number of them are coming from mobile. Google doesn’t break out YouTube’s financials, but eMarketer has said the site generated $5.6 billion in ad revenue last year.

One nugget that Wojcicki shared was that 50 percent of YouTube views are now coming from mobile devices. She also said that the site is growing 50 percent each year in terms of watch time (although she conceded that YouTube watch time still doesn’t come close to the average amount of time consumers watch TV each day).