Weirdo video genius Liam Lynch goes to space: The Adventures of The Sweet Electric


Liam Lynch, the eccentric composer and genius web video auteur behind Lynchland, has created a trippy new series following android rock group "The Sweet Electric."

Every single character is played by Liam. He wrote all the music. What's it like? If you dig "The Mighty Boosh," and enjoy getting high and watching Sid and Marty Krofft shows, you'll love it. I love it.

"My whole point in making these episodes was really to get this sort of a cozy TV feeling," Liam tells Boing Boing. "I wanted something that sat between The Young Ones, Red Dwarf and The Monkees.. I think watching these on YouTube via a smart TV with Youtube built in is probably the best way.
Though I know that will probably be the smallest percentage of ways that it's viewed. LOL."

In the episode above, The Sweet Electric stop to board an abandoned freighter ship.

Why would anyone abandon such a huge luxury ship like this? Why are all the escape pods missing? What's this slime dripping from the ceiling? Let's hope Robbie's comic book has the answers.

Liam Lynch: web, Twitter, and you can get The Sweet Electric Shirts here.

You can get the albums "The Sweet Electric" Volume One and Two on iTunes and Amazon and most download sites.