'Misty: The Proud Cloud' by Hugh Howey

Misty: The Proud Cloud (Signed Limited Edition)

Hugh Howey has written a charming and sweet children's book, Misty: The Proud Cloud. This tale about the value of being ones self is beautifully illustrated by Nidhi Chanani.

Misty wants to join the other cloud children in entertaining townsfolk with creative shapes, but she can't. It takes some help, but Misty learns that her talents bring people joy in other ways.

This bright and positive story is perfect for reading to your younger children. The language is probably simple enough for it to be used as an entry level reader in the K to early 1st grade range. I will be sending my 1 year old niece a copy for Hanukkah.

Hugh tells me there are a few of the limited edition, signed copies left to order via Amazon. I will have ordered for her before posting this. There are also paperbacks and Kindle editions. Hugh mentioned in email Misty is "…a fun test to see if self-pubbing can work in genres where people say it shouldn't."

Misty: The Proud Cloud