A fantastic standing (or sitting) desk


I love my government surplus Hamilton drafting table. I found it for $175 on Craigslist.

My Facebook feed is littered with friends showing off their fancy, new and expensive standing desks. I absolutely understand why people are excited, my lower back problems became far more mild away when I started to work from a standing desk. When I started to hunt for a desk, however, I didn't want one of those cool looking modern multi-level keyboard and monitor stands. I wanted something that had more functionality and usable surface area than most of the newer desks I've seen. Enter the Hamilton Drafting Table.

I have no idea how many of these monsters were made but it appears government urban planning and engineering departments bought tons of them. Auto-CAD has destroyed the need for drafting tables and these are widely available on the used market.

The desk mechanically adjusts height by depressing a foot pedal and merely lifting, or allowing gravity to slowly lower the desk (more weight on the table top will push it down faster, beware!) I can convert from a standing desk to a sitting desk in seconds.

If I want, I can also adjust the level of the desktop from flat to straight up and down, allowing my desk to become a wipe board.


There is a built in power strip with 2 outlets, which is handy and some limited storage space underneath. I have seen models with drawers. You can find various straight edge/drafting rulers available as well. I believe mine is a Vemco. The pen/pecil tray is also super handy. The lamp I found on Amazon.

The desk is heavy. It is bulky. You need space for it and moving it takes 2-3 people minimum. It is also the best desk I have ever owned. If you want one I suggest searching eBay and Craigslist. I check now and again and frequently see them for very reasonable prices.