In Illinois, misbehaving students may be required to give teachers their Facebook passwords

In Illinois, school districts are informing parents that a new law may mean that school officials can demand social media passwords of students if the kids are suspects in cases of cyberbullying, or breaking other school rules.

From Vice's Motherboard:

The law, which went into effect on January 1, defines cyberbullying and makes harassment on Facebook, Twitter, or via other digital means a violation of the state's school code, even if the bullying happens outside of school hours. A letter sent out to parents in the Triad Community Unit School District #2, a district located just over the Missouri-Illinois line near St. Louis, that was obtained by Motherboard says that school officials can demand students give them their passwords.

"If we're investigating any discipline having to do with social media, then we have the right to ask for those passwords," Triad district superintendent Leigh Lewis told reporter Jason Koebler. And if a student refuses to cooperate, the district could press criminal charges.

Here's the letter in entirety.

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