Pet lizard greets man happily, like a dog would

This video is tripping me out hard.

Videos of Dave Durham and his lizard have been around for a few years, but they're making the viral rounds anew this week.


Mr. Durham explains,

This is just to show people that lizards learn their names, and will come to me when I call them. Also I am one of the first breeders in the U.S. of Blackthroat Monitors and Green Iguanas. I have worked with Mark Bayless on habitat and breeding techniques. I started before full blown internet, and most info was with dial up (AOL). I have been raising lizards for over 40 years steady and have had great success with my lizards. Thanks for watching my videos and I hope they can stimulate your mind on the possibilities on what reptiles can do.

Lots more where this came from, in Durham's lizard video channel.