Music: Erik Satie's "Gymnopédie," the Anamanaguchi chiptune cover



Our sparkly electronic musical pals Anamanaguchi have created a glittery chiptune cover of Erik Satie's classic composision "Gymnopédie No. 1."

The French composer lived in Paris from 1866 to 1925. I like to imagine he would have enjoyed this homage.

For those who aren't yet hip to them, Anamanaguchi is an electronic boy band made up of hackers and producers "born and raised on the Internet." They are based in New York City.

Anamanaguchi started in Pete Berkman's basement in the suburbs of New York where Weezer, snacks and Super Nintendo lived in equal rotation. At 15, he began experimenting with creating punk music using an 8-bit NES. Following bass player James DeVito to NYU's Music Technology program, Pete met Ary Warnaar who grew up in LA on raves, fashion and lazer tag. Ary began writing for the band, lending a more academic electronic-influence to Berkman's capricious pop sensibilities. Later that year Luke joined as the band's drummer via a MySpace message and then the band had fully formed.