I prefer this cheap leather case for the Kindle Voyage

KHOMO ® Brown Book Style Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Voyage

How an ereader feels in your hand is as much a function of its cover than the reader itself. I'm thrilled with this $13 leather case.

Amazon's Origami case is a floppy annoyance. The leather is high quality but the fold-itself-into-a-stand option, ala Apple's iPad, it worthless. The cover drops over the top, like a notepad. It doesn't open like a book cover should! Within moments of trying the Origami case I realized that pinching my finger (or fingers) inside the cover was not going to work. I tried for a few weeks and the case never grew on me, so I decided to try something different. Enter Khomo's case…

This Khomo case looks like and feels like a book. Importantly, my fingers are pinched inside the cover the way I like, when I open it! The Kindle Voyage fits snug in its pocket. The affordable case has some unnecessary ID and credit card slots inside the cover, but after 1-2 minutes of reading I forgot they exist. Thoughtfully, I have access to everything: the on/off button, USB port for charging and the haptic buzzers. The case also has a magnetic closure that serves to wake, and sleep the Voyage, however I have had some difficulty with the magnet working every time. It seems the leather may be just a smidge too thick for it and fails every 3-4x attempts. The leather is not Coach, but feels like it may wear well.

I've found a case I like, it feels great in my hand. At $13 I am thrilled!

KHOMO ® Brown Book Style Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Voyage