Senior sues police for breaking his prosthetic arm

Police in Utah pulled over Danny Baker because his car had a cracked windshield. When Baker produced a Colorado driver license, the officers told him he needed a Utah license and was under arrest. The officers ordered Backer to put his hands behind his back. Baker told the police that wasn't possible because he had a prosthetic arm.

"Officer Bunnell responded to this information by grabbing Mr. Baker's arm. Officer Stowe then grabbed Mr. Baker's left hand and elbow, and forcibly turned Mr. Baker toward the car, while forcing Mr. Baker's arms behind his back," the complaint states.

It continues: "Officer Bunnell exerted such great force upon Mr. Baker's arm that the prosthesis in Mr. Baker's arm snapped, breaking Mr. Baker's arm, destroying the prosthesis, and resulting in severe pain to Mr. Baker."

Man Claims Cops Broke His Prosthetic Arm