Cop who switched off traffic cam in order to make illegal threats will keep his job

Niles, OH Patrolman Todd Mobley followed an acquaintance home in his cruiser and yanked him out of the car and threatened his life; when another cop arrived, Mobley had the cop turn off his dashcam and continued his illegal behavior; he has served a 30 day suspension and is back on the job.

Mobley believed that his victim, Tom Huffman, had stolen a gas can from Mobley's mother's house. He repeatedly threatened to murder Huffman.

Lindsay Mulhull filed the complaint against Mobley. She said she is still shocked over the turn of events since she has known Mobley for the past 18 years.

She said Mobley followed her and her boyfriend, Tom Huffman, home to Cherry Street and accused Huffman of stealing a gas can from the officer's mother's house.

"He tells me to get my kids back. I turn my back and that is when he pushes Tommy up against the cop car by his shirt and presses up against his neck and says 'you're dead if I ever catch you around my mother's house again. I will kill you.' And he just keeps repeating 'You're dead. You're dead.'," Mulhull said.

According to the police report, another officer arrived and Officer Mobley instructed him to shut off his dash camera, claiming it was for a legitimate law enforcement purpose, when it was for the sole purpose of not wanting his words recorded while threatening Huffman.

Niles cop back on the job; report found he theatened couple [Jeff Levkulich/WKBN]