Sriracha doesn't need no stinking trademarks

Techdirt on why Sriracha's CEO David Tran is thrilled to not have trademarked his famous hot sauce.

From Techdirt:

Well, because he's too busy being the "gold standard" of the thing you're trying to get it on using his brand's name. This means that Tobasco, in this case, is advertising Tran's product for him, all the more so when his is admittedly the best around. How is Simmons not getting this? And the best part of this is that the USPTO has already issued several decisions stating that the single word "sriracha" on its own is now too generic for any of these pretenders to trademark for themselves. Chalk up another victory for Tran, who allowed the use of his brand name so widely that he's effectively protected against someone trying to come along and lock it up.