Ghosts and Snow: Longest Night Lost Constellation

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.42.55 PM

Want to spend an hour doing something rad? Cool. I have a game for you, called Longest Night Lost Constellation

It's a super simple game (scroll and click), and it runs its whole course in about an hour, depending on your proficiency– I don't have strong gaming instincts, and I still made it through with only one moment of real frustration. It's not the gaming aspects that are the real draw, though.

The narrative arc of this game is so weird, and funny, and surprising, and sad that as soon I was done I couldn't wait to talk about it. Genuine laugh out loud moments punctuate an otherwise grim, ghost-laden plot, and the ultimate resolution made me teary eyed.

Part bedtime story, part existential quandary. All awesome.