Man buys $5.99 watch at Goodwill, sells it for $35,000

Zach Norris of Phoenix entered a Goodwill to buy a golf equipment carrier. On his way out, he rummaged through the used watch bin and found a watch with "LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm" on the dial, priced at $5.99.

From Hodinkee:

Zach knew the LeCoultre name and knew the watch was made by Jaeger-LeCoultre and probably was worth far more than the $5.99 price, but he didn't realize it was a vintage LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm from circa 1959 worth over $35,000. According to the price tag, the watch had been put out for sale the previous day, January 16, and although Zach had left empty-handed in terms of golf carts, Zach left the 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road store with something far better.

Man Finds Original LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm At Phoenix Goodwill Store For $5.99, Sells It For $35,000 (Plus An Omega Speedmaster!)