We guarantee this is the weirdest video you will watch in pretty much forever

Via Robert Popper, we discover in this video that there are always new extremes of internet weirdness left to be discovered, like distant shores of forbidden desire we'd perhaps really rather not know about and yet can't stop watching as long as they've been memorialized as a YouTube supercut.


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Gernot Lausen's "Wet, messy and gunge videomix."

He explains:


This trailer contains many wet, messy and gunge scenes of videos, i've uploaded during the last 2 years. The music-title is: Manga Action, it's from frametraxx, open-source, license- and gemafree.
If you want to see the whole videos of the scenes, visit my channel: "glausen1"
I wish you a lot of fun and hope, you enyoy my wet and messy video-clips.

Mr. Lausen's YouTube channel is here with longer cuts of each scene. Enjoy!

[HT: Robert Popper]

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