2 Chainz tests 24-karat rolling papers and world's biggest weed pipe

2 Chainz is featured in a new GQ Magazine internet video series, "Most Expensivest Shit," in which the noted rapper and potsmoker attempts to smoke the most expensivest joint in the world.

With the assistance of "celebrity medical marijuana consultant" Dr. Dina, who apparently gets paid to do exactly what it says in her ridiculous job title, the rapper obtains and tests the efficacy of rolling papers made of 24K gold, and marijuana that costs $800 an ounce.

Of the rolling papers, 2 Chainz observes that "this shit is like them Lays potato chips, you open up them shits and there's only four on the inside!"

I do hope it was a really good high.

When reached for comment on the new video, by Rolling Stone, CNN crazylady Nancy Grace responded:

"$800 for an ounce of Loud? Really? That alone should be a felony — the 24-carat gold paper is definitely an aggravating circumstance!," Grace tells Rolling Stone. "The caviar of joints? For someone as smart and educated as 2 Chainz, this video is even more ironic. 2 Chainz won't allow his children to have caffeine: not even a soda. (P.S., I don't either.) Wait until his children spot this video on the Internet. Explain that, Daddy!"

2 Chainz Smokes a Gold-Covered Joint | Most Expensivest Shit [GQ/YouTube]