How bad laws get made: a glimpse at what Fark's Drew Curtis would be like as Kentucky governor

Drew and Heather Curtis.

Drew and Heather Curtis.

Our pal Drew Curtis, founder of Fark, is running for governor of Kentucky. If he wins, we are all moving to Kentucky. He is blogging about stuff related to government, social development, and the kind of future he wants to live in. It's cool stuff. Here's one such thinkpost: How Bad Laws Get Made, about what Drew feels like is a reckless legislative response to an incident involving a trans kid who encountered unfairness in school.

A bill just cleared the Kentucky Senate that would allow students to sue schools when they witness something happen—not direct involvement, just when they see something. A $2,500 penalty would be assessed per student, per infraction. Plus of course damages for emotional distress and attorneys' fees.

If this becomes law, trial lawyers will have a field day. The $2,500 fine notwithstanding, there is potentially a lot more money in play depending on what a jury thinks "emotional distress" is. And thanks to the attorneys' fees clause, trial lawyers could file thousands of lawsuits because it's a risk free proposition for them. It could bankrupt our entire school system in short order.

"How Bad Laws Get Made" [Drew Curtis for Governor]