Delta plane skids off runway at NYC's LaGuardia airport

A Delta jet carrying 125 passengers slid off the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport Thursday during a snowstorm. There are no reported injuries. At the time of this blog post, LGA is closed due to the crash.

Delta Flight 1086 was landing at LaGuardia after flying from Atlanta, the airline said. Passengers were evacuated from the aircraft on slides and moved to the terminal on buses. LaGuardia's runways were closed soon after the incident, the Federal Aviation Administration announced after the plane skidded off a runway.


Here's Port Authority's statement:

Statement on #LGA airport aircraft incident: Delta (@Delta) Flight 1086 from #ATL to #LGA landing on Runway 13 skidded into a fence at approximately 11:05AM this morning. All 125 passengers and five crew members were safely taken off plane. There do not appear to be injuries and multiple emergency rescue crews are on the scene. Airport runways are closed due to standard procedures after such incidents and National Transportation Safety Board (@NTSB) is on its way at this time.

From NYC Aviation:

Reports indicate that Delta Air Lines flight 1086 has crashed on arrival at La Guardia Airport at 10:56am.
The aircraft is a McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (N909DL), that slid off of the end of LGA’s runway 13. Runway 13 does have an arrestor bed (EMAS – Engineered MAterials Arresing System) at the end of it, but it appears Delta 1086 slid wide to the right of it before being stoped by the embankment.

The embankment is specifically intended to also assist in preventing aircraft from overrunning into Flushing Bay. The same was the case in March of 1994 when a Continental MD-82 did the same thing in winter conditions.

via @flightradar: “24N909DL is a 27 year old McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (MSN 49540).”

via @flightradar: “24N909DL is a 27 year old McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (MSN 49540).”