Our game site, Offworld, is returning Monday as a place for happy mutants who love to explore new worlds.

UnknownLeigh Alexander is joining us as its editor-in-chief, and she'll be joined by Laura Hudson. Leigh's an amazing author, as at home writing powerful fiction as she is sinking into the semiotics of Twin Peaks or 1990s spambots, or reporting how many shots are needed to get through the Eurovision Song Contest. Such a mix of obsession, accomplishment and joy belongs right here at Boing Boing.

qwfqwfqwfqwLaura's coming to us from Wired, where she's built up an impressive stack of articles about game culture, TV tropes, and awesomely bad comics. The founding editor of Comics Alliance, she's been a guestblogger here at Boing Boing for the last few weeks.

Leigh announced Offworld's revival during the GDC's #1reasontobe panel and the response has already been incredible. But I'll leave it to her to tell you about it, because more than merely featuring her and Laura's work here, Offworld will have an AGENDA.

Ever thought games might not be for you? Join us. Here, games are for you.

Offworld is a place for curious and playful grown-ups, where we can enjoy the endless possibilities of the 21st century's greatest art form. We're here to express our love of exploring new worlds, to talk to their creators, to share our discoveries, and imagine new frontiers to play in together.

This will be an unequivocal home for women and minorities, whose voices will make up most of the work published here. We're central to the growth and development of this warm, brilliant, expressive medium.

Our doors officially open next Monday, March 9. The journey was long, but we made it, and this is our space. Welcome Offworld.

Offworld was originally founded by Brandon Boyer in 2008, who went on to become the chairman of the Indie Games Festival in 2010.

Go to Offworld, play Offteroids for a bit, then sign up for the mailing list, which will be infrequent and exceedingly good.