I'm headed to San Francisco and expect to see watches priced, features explained, and a nigh-legendary new MacBook.

We'll be learning more today about the company's most talked-about product in years: a big but beautifully-designed watch designed to replace fitness band and high-end timepiece alike.

More details about the Apple Watch—and, rumor has it, a 12" MacBook Air—will be revealed at 1 p.m. eastern time.

Though the subject of intense speculation, and an in-depth reveal last year, the Watch remains something of a mystery. Has Apple cracked the battery life issues that dog similar gadgets from Sony and other manufacturers? Will it successfully monitor more than the basics? What about other biodata that are currently the realm of chunky, unlovable specialist gadgets? Will it be extensible? Will the gold model somehow manage to be cheaper than its own weight in gold?

And that's not to mention the long-awaited new MacBook Air. It's expected to come with an ultra-minimalist set of ports, the better to make it even thinner than current models. A high-DPI display (already available on skinny Windows models) is hoped for too—but some think Apple will stick with longer battery life.

I'm headed over right now; follow me at @xeni for instant updates, or keep an eye on the stream embedded below.

Apple's own stream of the event will be live from 10 a.m. onwards.