Here's the perfect U.S. road trip


Randy Olson, a fourth-year graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, previously used a genetic algorithm to figure out the fastest way to find Waldo. Now Olson is back and he's using that same algorithm to map out the perfect U.S. road trip.

Actually he created two perfect road trips, with help from Tracy Staedter.

 The first trip hits 50 major national landmarks, historical sites, parks, and monuments. Drivers get to travel across all 48 contiguous states, covering 13,699 miles in a bare minimum of 9.33 days (although Olson recommends 2-3 months to really take it all in).


Meanwhile, the second road trip focuses on hitting major cities in every state but North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia. It can be completed in a mere 12,290 miles.

[h/t The Bold Italic ]