Taxidermy clearance sale


Every retailer has the right to lower prices to drive interest.

The Weird & Wonderful calls itself, "The North's Finest Natural History Store," and who are we to argue? They have a brick and mortar store you can visit by appointment outside of Manchester, but there's no need to bother getting in your Vauxhall and driving as you can buy a Taxidermy Alpine Marmotta naked from your wicker chair at home.

Did I mention it's on clearance? With a price slash of £445.00 down from £475.00, now is the time to buy.

The Weird + Wonderful does get weirder, and that's without even leaving the clearance tab of their website. This cheeky interior design shoppe also offers a c.1800s Female Leather Leg Splint/Brace, and another sure-to-incite-divorce decor item: a Broken and Rehealed Human Femur (check website for latest pricing).