Apple Watch is the iPhone Killer: Wired interviews design team


In a WIRED feature, "iPhone Killer," Apple brass talk to reporter David Pierce about their new goal: to free people from their phones. Including, apparently, their iPhones.

Kevin Lynch, VP of technology and company lead on the Apple Watch, tells Wired in the piece, "We're so connected, kind of ever-presently, with technology now… People want that level of engagement, but how do we provide it in a way that's a little more human, a little more in the moment when you're with somebody?"

The Apple Watch, which becomes available this month, is the first major device to be released by Apple without Steve Jobs.

If the Apple Watch is successful, Pierce's article argues, it may impact our relationships with our devices forever.

Technology distracts us from the things we should pay the most attention to, but maybe this technology can give those moments back. And, whether Apple is the company to make that technology is the three-quarters-of-a-trillion-dollar-market-cap question.

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