The Disneyland Book of Lists

The Disneyland Book of Lists

The Disneyland Book of Lists is a fantastically fun, incredibly dense collection of Disneyland trivia!

I am having a fantastic time with Chris Strodder's phenomenal assemblage of facts about Disneyland. Rides, artwork, history, people and legend are all well documented in a very fun format. I'm tempted to sit down and read through the entire book, but I'm enjoying doling it out a few lists at a time, randomly looking through the book to arrive on such gems as "Approximate Speeds of 15 Disneyland Attractions."

There are useful lists like "10 Disneyland 'Extras' Guests Can Request," which will help you score a Jungle Cruise map. There are fun lists, such as the location of "2 Dozen Disneyland Locations with Cemeteries, Skulls, and Skeletons," if you are traveling with Pesco. Strodder covers the Park and its rich history with attention to detail. One of my favorite entries is number 15 on his list of "15 Urban Legends About Disneyland"

15. "Walt Disney's body is frozen and in storage at Disneyland." Walt was interested in cryogenics, bit as many authoritative biographies have definitively stated, his body was cremated soon after his death in 1966 and is now interred at Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

I always thought they had Walt frozen in Carbonite down under Chatsworth, with Bruce Lee. You know, waiting for the economy to get better?

Anyways, The Disneyland Book of Lists is a lot of fun.