SNL finally gives Black Widow her own solo film in this rom com parody

Marvel has released seven movies starring dudes named Chris, but they’ve yet to produce a single film centered on a woman.

And while the female-fronted Captain Marvel hits theaters in 2018, the studio still has no plans to give Scarlett Johansson’s immensely popular Black Widow her own movie.

So when Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, the writers decided to poke fun at the lack of a Black Widow solo flick with this trailer for a romantic comedy ("Marvel gets women") called Black Widow: Age Of Me.

The trailer parodies a whole bunch of rom com tropes from the klutzy heroine to the supportive chorus of friends (here Thor, Captain America, and Nick Fury) to the affluent jobs people always have in these movies.

It’s even funnier when you remember Johansson actually starred in a lighthearted romantic comedy called The Nanny Diaries alongside none other than Chris Evans aka Captain America.