Ryan Gosling eats cereal to honor late meme creator


One of the Internet's strangest (and most hilarious) memes involves Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal

. In 2013 a Scottish man named Ryan McHenry started posting Vines in which he held up a spoonful of cereal to his TV only for Gosling to reject it.

After a while Gosling started getting asked about the meme and he admitted he actually loves cereal, which McHenry decided to parody as well.

Sadly, McHenry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma two years ago and died on Sunday at the age of 27. As a sweet tribute to a man who brought a lot of surreal joy to the Internet, Gosling posted a Vine of himself finally eating his cereal.

You can donate to support sarcoma research in McHenry's name here.