Horrifying new documentary about sleep paralysis from the director of Room 237


My old friend Rodney Ascher, director of the fantastically weird Room 237, has completed another documentary exploration of high weirdness: The Nightmare, a real life horror story about people who suffer from sleep paralysis. Watch the trailer above.

"Sleep paralysis (is a) surprisingly common phenomenon where people wake-up totally frozen from the eyeballs down, unable even to make a noise, and they frequently see sinister intruders and other disturbing visions," Ascher says. "I've been obsessed with it ever since it used to happen with me. In my case, I saw sort of a living, 3D shadow looming over me in judgement."

The Nightmare will be released June 5 in theaters, video-on-demand, and iTunes. More details on the film's Facebook page here: The Nightmare.

Congratulation, Rodney!