Delaware cop charged for kicking man in face and knocking him out

The Dover Police Department refused to release a 2013 dashcam video that shows Cpl. Tom Webster kicking a man in the face and knocking him out, but a federal judge ordered the department to make it public. Officer Webster, who was initially cleared of wrongdoing, has now been charged with felonious second-degree assault.

The dashcam video shows Webster and another officer confronting Dickerson. The officers can been seen and heard ordering him to get on the ground. As he appears to be complying, the video shows Webster kicking him in the face. Dickerson falls flat.

“As the subject was in the process of getting on the ground, he was kicked in the head once by Webster, rendering him unconscious. After this occurred, the subject was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody,” according to a separate statement police issued Monday.

Delaware policeman charged with kicking suspect in face; video released