Pokemon ghosts are still fashionable, still spooky


If you have a fond memory for Pokemon games, you'll remember that Lavender Town tends to be where all the ghost stories can be found. Somewhat famously, Lavender Town is also the source of a great work of creepypasta—now it is the inspiration for a great handmade outfit.

PhD candidate Mina Lavender is evidently a big Lavender Town fan. I am too, so when my pals at Tiny Cartridge shared her simple but inspired sewing project on Twitter—subtle details and precisely-cut shapes result in a Gastly hat, a Haunter bag, and a Gengar jacket— I couldn't help but share it here. The hat is my favorite:


You should visit her Tumblr to see the skirt and bag. They're not for sale or anything, but. Pokemon ghost crafts, you guys.

If you haven't heard of the creepy "child suicides" myth surrounding Lavender Townrevisit this comprehensive article by Patricia Hernandez. You can see a few different versions of the urban legend, plus her cool research on where the myth might have come from and why it's so affecting.

And if you aren't scared enough by Pokemon today, read another wonderful ghost Pokemon-related urban legend: The fable of the mysterious "black" cartridge, a haunted, dark hack of the game.