Watch these ducks strut their stuff in the annual Sydney Duck Fashion Show

No, it's not just another Bluey episode — apparently there is an Easter-themed duck fashion show held each year in Australia. Again: a fashion show. For ducks. From Sad and Useless:

It's organized by farmer Brian Harrington, and each fowl member receives three outfits. One for day, one for evening, and one for a wedding. Because, after all, how else is he going to show off his haberdashery skills? Not by dressing them for the beach, that's for sure.

The costumes are covered in beautiful detail and made from the finest materials by top designer dressmakers. According to Brian Harrington these feathered models are just as talented as their human counterparts. Both hens and drakes take part in their fashion finery, so no discrimination is going on. Top hats, bustles, corset dresses, and tiny lady hats are all common sights on the duck runway. And at the end – they get to vote on their favorites! 

Some YouTubers have even taken to offering fashion critiques of the show.

What the duck indeed.

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