High school girls face prison for time honored alarm clock prank


1970 punishment for pulling the classic alarm-clocks-in-high-school-lockers prank: the vice principal administers an avuncular hair-mussing and a gruff chuckle. 2015 punishment for the same prank: IMPRISONMENT.

[18-year-old students Shannon Marie Farrell and Lekia Hall] have been charged with perpetrating a hoax by use of false bomb or other device in a public building, which is a felony charge. Law enforcement made clear that the prank was not harmless or funny, as it led to the evacuation of approximately 1,700 people and shut down the school unnecessarily. Surprisingly, Shannon Marie Farrell's father knew about his daughter's plans beforehand and thought it was "pretty funny."

It's not "pretty funny," Mr. Farrell. This is serious business.

Image: Shutterstock