OK Go's Damian Kulash: "How Herbie Hancock's Rockit changed my life"


At Cuepoint, OK Go singer/guitarist Damian Kulash writes about the song that changed his life when he was 7-years-old, Herbie Hancock's electro-funk classic "Rockit."

From Cuepoint:

On one particular morning, I was coming down the stairs at the front of the bus when a sound hit me like a lightning bolt. It was more than a sound, actually. It was a tangy, lemony, electrical emotional wave. Have you ever dealt with skunk spray at very close range? It goes past being a smell — it's like a wave of high voltage meat that engulfs you so fully that you can't tell which of your senses you are experiencing. That was the intensity of this sound, but far from being putrid, it was pure exhilaration.

I looked up and there was a man — well, he may have been a man; anyone older than nine or 10 seemed like a full fledged adult to me, so chances are he was, like, 14 — and had shaggy hair parted in the center of his forehead which struck me as dirty blonde curtains. (It was a look I spent a long time trying to master, thereafter). On his shoulder there was a silver boombox, and coming from it was this unbelievable electric… thing.

"The Moment Music Became My Destiny" (Cuepoint)