Racist who attacked children at hockey game will not face jail time

In January, we shared the story of a monster who ruined a school field trip for a group of Native American students. In yet another disappointing turn of events, the judge feels pouring beer on kids while yelling racial slurs is only worthy of a fine.

Indian Country Today shares:

After a lengthy investigation by Rapid City Police, O'Connell was eventually charged with disorderly conduct, and would have faced up to 30 days in jail if convicted. But on Thursday, Fourth Circuit Magistrate Judge Eric Strawn removed the possibility of any jail time.

"I will not consider actual internment, but a fine," Strawn told Rapid City Attorney Joel Landeen and O'Connell's defense attorney Mike Butler, the Associated Press reported. Strawn said he based his decision on a review of the case as well as O'Connell's lack of a criminal history.

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