XOXO opens a community space for events, indie art and tech

The brilliant, Portland-based festival is now a year-round phenomenon, housed in a 13,000 sqft refurbed WWII ship-building factory that will incubate and nurture independent art and technology and house events year round.

Our friends at Instrument have been supporters of XOXO since the beginning—here's their writeup from last year—and with their help, we're taking over the lease on their incredible workspace, a former World War II ship-building factory.

We hope to bring together some of our favorite people and projects in indie art and tech under one roof, as well as a handful of startups working on tools that help people stay independent.

And, of course, we're ridiculously excited to have our own space to run weird and wonderful events year-round.

A New Experiment {Andy and Andy/XOXO]

(via Waxy)