Pizza Hut's intense market research results in Hot Dog Pizza Bites. Who wants one?


When people tell you "marketing isn't science," just point out this masterpiece by Pizza Hut.

Consumerist tells us the tale of the multinational market testing campaign to design the perfect product.

Via Consumerist:

Its official name is the Hot Dog Bites Pizza. You wouldn't think that it would take this much effort to develop such a concept, but that's why they run the multinational pizza empire, and we run the consumer advocacy blog. So we won't question Pizza Hut's decision to create a pizza surrounded by what are effectively 28 pigs in blankets. The pizza will cost $11.99, and will be available starting on June 18.

Less something to eat, and more reminiscent of an early Doctor Who special effect. Thank you Pizza Hut for introducing us to Hot Dog Pizza Bites!