Hibiki Acoustical iPhone case


Simplism's Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case is a curious-looking wooden iPhone case, crafted from white ash in Japan, designed to enhance the "acoustical capacity" of the device.

I've read the product description twice, and I'm still not sure what that means!

Hibiki is the only technically-advanced wooden case to market capable of honing the sound through the reduction of ambient noise from the device.

The popularization of the iPhone made the device almost the default music listening device, able to provide hours of music at the palm of your hand.

Among users are those who put an emphasis on sound quality – finding ways such as acquiring high-end earphones, headphones or using Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) – to achieve the best sound quality out of the iPhone.

Since iPhones receive and emit a large amount of radiowaves sent via 3G, LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the radiowaves also deteriorate sound quality when they are transferred through the small headphone amplifier.
Separate portable headphone amplifiers have been used to resolve the matter but they require batteries and can be inconvenient to carry around.

The Hibiki case uses a high-tech material, "PULSHUT MU", attached to the backside of the case that reduces non-audio signal wave noise.

In addition, the use of high-grade white ash wood is ideal for optimum sound quality. Combined with three 3D-shaped supporting points which suppress vibration, there is less distortion and a greater amount of the true sound is emitted.

Tl;dr it's a pretty wood case with a story. [via Uncrate]