Judge on defendant: "he is a gobshite"

gobshiteThe general consensus on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's notable dissents is that they reveal a Twitter-caliber quip artist rather than the "great legal writer" imagined by Jeet Heer. But either way, Scalia has nothing on Judge John Coughlan, who recently informed a defendant that he is a gobshite.

According to the Leinster Leader, Sean Byrne of Blessington, Ireland, was facing his third charge of driving without insurance at Naas District Court—a tally sitting on top of 14 prior convictions on "road traffic matters."

When his lawyer began describing his qualities as a father in mitigation, however, the judge interrupted.

"He is a gobshite," Judge Coughlan said, "It's the nicest thing I can say about him."

Then he banned Byrne from the roads for six years and fined him €500 (~$550).

News of the fast talk and stiff penalty came to the internet thanks to Frank O'Donnell, who posted a photo of the article on Twitter. It does not appear to have been posted at the Leader's website yet. [h/t Arbroath]

Naas District Court is no stranger to trouble, and Ireland is no stranger to gobshites.