Woman arrested for shooting at man who tried to take one of her mangoes

Josefina Tometich has some mighty fine mangoes growing on a tree in her Florida home. But don't even think of taking one: she's got a BB gun, and she knows how to use it. The 64-year-old mango enthusiast was arrested after she allegedly shot out the rear window of Christopher Richey's truck for trying to steal one of her beloved fruits.

Tometich's family says "no trespassing" signs are on the property, and they'll put up more, to deter mango thieves. But Richey maintains the mango he saw was in the roadway, and therefore free for the taking. In the end, he and his wife left without any mangoes. Tometich was arrested for firing a missile into a dwelling, vehicle, building or aircraft.

mango lady


Random Mango Fact: "In India, a certain shade of yellow dye was attained by feeding cattle small amounts of mango leaves and harvesting their urine. Of course as stated above, this is a contraindicated practice, since mango leaves are toxic and cattle are sacred. It has since been outlawed." [via]