SF cyclists protest by obeying the law


A San Francisco Police Captain wanted cyclists to obey the law, so they did. Traffic was immediately snarled.

Via SF Weekly:

"The thing you say you want — every cyclist to stop at every stop sign — you really don't want that," Morgan Fitzgibbons, one of the protest's organizers, told SF Weekly. "You're going to destroy traffic in every neighborhood that has a heavy dose of cyclists."

The protest, flanked by an army of TV cameras and amused onlookers, was in response to a directive from SFPD Park Station Captain John Sanford, who ordered his officers to punish cyclists for "zipping past" cars and supposedly endangering people. According to Hoodline, Sanford told a community meeting last month that increased enforcement was aimed at "the protection of life" in his district and that cyclists "present a hazard for many people."