If you like word games, here's one you can print and play for free


We chose Spry Fox's Alphabear as Offworld's Mobile Game of the Week when it launched, and Laura and I are both still playing it. If you love word games as much as we do, board game designer Robin David has made a totally free, Alphabear-inspired card game you can download, print and play for free.

David describes Litterateur as a cross between Scrabble and Sushi Go. It sounds simple to learn and fun to play with a group—managing your collection of letters and denying opponents good ones from the pool, and using the letter values on each card, making the best words you can.

It's best for groups of 3-5, and takes between 20 and 45 minutes to play. I like card games like that when I have my friends over in the evening—simple experiences with just a few components that help everybody break the ice and get to chatting with each other. Although David says he might Kickstart or officially produce Litterateur in future, it's free for now to anyone who'd like to print all the cards out. Check it out here.