UK govt wants your opinion on sending file-sharers to jail for 10 years

Jim from Open Rights Group writes, "Should file-sharers be threatened with up to 10 years in prison? The UK's Intellectual Property Office are consulting on this idea."

"This would allow copyright holders to threaten individuals and businesses with very extreme punishments, even when they had no intent to cause harm. Open Rights Group has created a form to allow people to easily submit feedback to this consultation."

In the past file sharers have been threatened with criminal charges, depsite not seeking any financial gain or running a business. They may be misguided, but we have to ask whether they are really posing a risk to the public and therefore deserving a criminal conviction. Now in 2015 the Intellectual Property Office are suggesting people like them should face the posssiblity of a 10-year jail sentence.

Say no to 10 years for file sharing [Open Rights Group]