You can pre-order this hexagonal colored vinyl Super Hexagon soundtrack


Super Hexagon is probably one of the most elegant and vicious puzzle games of our modern times. The soundtrack, by Chipzel, is also absolutely killer, and now you can pre-order it on vinyl. On hexagon-shaped vinyl. In four different colors.

I mean, you can theoretically pre-order it; preorders from iam8bit open tomorrow, August 13, at 10AM PDT and I am assuming they will go really quickly—they're limited and there are are only 1600 (400 per color, though you can't pick which color you will get), and also the wonderful Cory Schmitz designed the custom clear sleeve, so if owning something this singular and awesome and weird would be important to you, be ready to digitally 'check out' with speed tomorrow.

Hexagon-shaped vinyl. What does it look like when it spins around? Ohhhhh see that's like when you play the gaaaaame omggggg