Brooke Mackin of Signs & Marvels provides a slightly more affordable alternative to the Museum of Modern Art's golden mesh necklace.

Josh and I recently spent some time perusing the MoMA gift shop and I came across this beauty (and similarly this).


I thought to myself… I can do that! Or at least something along those lines. So here is my attempt:





Here's how to make one for yourself.



1. paracord* (at least 7 ft.) – any color

2. beads (optional) – large hole required

3. gold thread (optional)

*You can buy paracord at a craft store, but I got mine for cheaper at a hardware store.


1. Preparing your paracord. You will need four lengths of paracord tied off together to start. I measured 85 inches for each strand, though this left me with plenty of extra, so you could probably afford to use a bit less. When cutting paracord, you will need to seal the ends by burning them or else they become frayed.

2. Tying the knots. The knot is very easy to do. Separate your four strands into pairs. Basically, slide one pair under the other, then loop back up and between the two pairs. Pull tight. Now repeat, this time starting the other pair. Pull tight. Alternate starting with the left and right pair. Within both pairs of strands, try to be consistent in keeping one strand the "outside strand" and the other the "inside strand." To do this, as you pull each loop tight, make sure the strands haven't twisted or switched places. This will give the necklace a flat, consistent look. (See pictures below – click to enlarge.)


3. Adding beads – OPTIONAL: You can intersperse beads across the necklace if you'd like. When picking your beads, you need to make sure the hole in each bead is big enough for the paracord to fit through. As often as you like, slide beads up the paracord throughout the knots.

4. Finish knotting. Continue knotting until you've reached your desired length. My necklace is about 23 inches long.

5. Clasping the end. I haven't yet found a polished way to secure the ends of my necklace. Eventually, I may try to find a fancier way to clasp the ends using crimps like these. At the moment mine looks like this.


6. A FINAL OPTION: I had originally considered winding gold thread around the cord but decided that using both the gold thread and the metallic beads would make it too busy. But you can opt for jazzing it up this way if you'd like!